I’ve not been struck to write in a while, but something came across my radar this morning that made me stop what I was doing and post. 

I recently found a blog called NoiseAddicts and subscribed as you never know what these guys are going to write about.  This morning I got an alert that they had posted a new item about a Heavy Metal monk.  Intrigued I was, and immediately went to check it out. 

Apparently, Brother Cesare Bonizzi is a Capuchin Monk in Italy.  Brother Bonizzi uses music in spiritual meditation, but one day he saw
Metallica in concert and he was changed forever.  They are indeed an awesome force to be rekoned with.  Some would say their concerts are religious experiences and apparently Brother Bonizzi was moved accordingly.

Due to this particular experience, Brother Bonizzi has now formed a heavy metal band called Fratello Metallo, or Metal Brother for those of us who are not versed in the Italian language.  Brother Bonizzi was quoted as saying,  “Metal is the most energetic, vital, deep and true musical language that I know.”  Well put bro.

I’ve always enjoyed edgier music, mostly in the hard rock and heavy metal vein, but it’s not enjoyed the success that other genres have.  Not to mention having to endure the nonsensical court cases and frivolous law suits.  It does my musical core good to see something like this springing forth from the religious community. 

It will be interesting to see what Brother Bonizzi puts out on his first album and where he tours.  Perhaps Metallica will pick him up as an opening act since he attributes his change in musical taste to them.  I’d buy a ticket to go and see that show, and I bet a lot of other metal heads would too.  Thank you Brother Bonizzi, and best of luck to you.  Rock on dude.


Thank you very much Advertising Age!!  Let’s hope the upfront flack is enough to change the devastating course Sci-Fi corpheads are currently tracking………


Here I sit, the first day of spring break 2009, disgusted. The weather is ripe for a ride, and it is not to be had. At least we are enjoying a break from ole’ man winter.


As I looked through the plethora of morning email, I spied something from Advertising Age about the Sci-Fi channel and their intent to re-brand. As I enjoy watching their fare at times, I proceeded to take a look to see what was up. Apparently 10 years in the making, the tried and true Sci-Fi moniker will change to something new – Syfy. Where’s the freakin’ creativity in that one? Sounds like something more akin to a communicable disease than a place to go and catch a great flick. I would have expected more from a project this long in the making, much less by folks from the NBC powerhouse.


Oh well, did I mention the weather?

My recent fixation on creativity must stem from being back in school again.  Last spring I decided that I would pursue a PhD in Mass Communications so that my creativity and range wouldn’t be stifled by “policy.”  I was fortunate enough to enroll this past fall at Texas Tech University and have only looked forward since. 

Being back in school was probably the best thing I could have done for myself.  The program is excellent and it is really challenging me – rigorously.  Last fall’s offerings were phenomenal, and each class I’m enrolled in this term is equally intriguing, so  that must be what is keeping creativity squarely  in my line of sight. 

One of the classes I’m enrolled in now has to do with current trends in technology/industry, one class is helping me to be able to analyze research data, and the last focuses on advertising and the consumer.  Each has its own thrust, and, overall, really gets the ole’ gray matter to flex outside of its comfort zone. 

Sorry if I’m beatin’ a dead horse here, but it is on my mind, and it is what it is.

My last post was about creativity, or the lack thereof. The more I take a hard look at the world, the more see the same ole’ same ole’ being rehashed. Have we come to a creative blank page that has us frozen in our tracks? I don’t know if I have an answer to that one, but being in the classroom has given me a boost in creativity. Some things we read are a little bland, but Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, has been an inspiration to read. He’s a great storyteller and takes on a challenging subject. Check it out if you have a want – or a need to be intrigued.

Is it just me, or did the Grammy Awards lack something desirable in the mix?  There were several good performances, but none stood out as what I would call stellar.   Most of what carried the show was old established talent with old established songs.  Looking forward to pizazz, I was left with phhhhh.  I guess there is always next year.  Hopefully lessons will be learned and a move towards some modicum of creativity will be returned.